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About Me

About the Author

Sharron Renée Rhodes is an author with a penchant for mystical and shadowed stories loved by children of all ages. As a writer living near Detroit, she burns night oil to craft fantasies of intrigue, empowerment, diversity, self-esteem, and magic. She assimilates her own children's thoughts, emotions and fantasies and fuse them into her magical tales.

                                     "Teach Empowerment...  Live Empowered. "

                                                                   ~ Sharron Renée Rhodes

Sharron Renée Rhodes is an avid supporter of the Macomb Homeless Coalition. Everyday over 1000 families and individuals become homeless in the State of Michigan. Help support our fellow neighbors by contributing in any way that you are able to. For more information please visit Thank you in advance for your support.                                    


                                "Find a need and fill it."  -- Ruth Stafford Peale

My writing roots

Sharron Renée Rhodes began her writing career at the young age of fifteen. She started off writing play scripts for a local theater group, but then her wondrous imagination lead her to fantasy fiction. Her focus has always been to contribute to the growth and strengthening of a child's mind - which is why she infuses entertaining, yet educational, fiction through her adventurous stories.

My style

Sharron Renée Rhodes has an ancient, chaotic writing style driven by her chaotic imagination and her love of the ancient ways. She loves adding aspects of the Supernatural and Magick into her tales. Her style is a smash-up between Harry Potter and Supernatural meets The Clique. Her focus is Young Adult, Middle Grade, Short Stories, Picture Books. and Children's Books. + Fantasy & Magic. Available through Amazon Books and Amazon Kindle Books. Best Books!


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I value my readers... please feel free to contact me with feedback, comments, and requests.

Sharron Renée Rhodes

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